You give with your heart.  When you use your head you make it smarter.


Canadians are some of the most generous people in the world. Most offer their time, expertise, or financial support every year, but many of us still donate like it was 1999.  Inefficiently with our cheque book.

"Give Smarter" encourages Canadians to include generosity as part of their overall financial plan and make a greater IMPACT for causes they care about.  You probably already support several causes.  Why not do it efficiently.
Download "Six Steps to Giving Smarter" or register for our "Introduction to Giving Smarter Webinar"

Giving does more than support the causes you care about.  It also gives something back to you. Financially, this could mean tax deductions and write-offs. Beyond finances, giving makes you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Research shows that giving increases people's happiness and satisfaction with life.  It also shows that those who have a strategy for giving and monitor their impact enjoy being generous the most.

Giving strategies pave the way for thoughtful donations of money, time, and resources. This insightful approach helps people make decisions that have the greatest impact on causes they care about the most.


What's your giving strategy?  How can you make a greater IMPACT!

Most people are passionate about causes but don't have a clear giving strategy.  If you can't answer this question, you're not alone

Take time to think about what kind of impact you could make on your community or throughout the world.  Your answers will give you direction on how to begin maximizing the impact of your giving.  For more ideas simply register for our "Introduction to Giving Smarter" webinar.


Give More Than You Ever Thought Possible to Causes You Care About


There are no limits to who can be involved in philanthropy and what charitable giving can do. In fact, anyone can be generous, and some of the most impactful individuals are those who give strategically over time, helping maximize the impact of their gifts.

As a unique philanthropic advisory, Entrust Financial Services takes pride in helping our clients fulfill their values by supporting the causes closest to their hearts. We see the personal satisfaction that comes by living generously, both in the short and the long term. And we've seen first-hand the emotional benefits and financial value our clients realize from using the right "Giving Smarter" strategies.

Entrust Financial Services is a long-time member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and is accredited in advanced philanthropic advisory.  We offer the latest strategic charitable giving strategies, so we may assist our individual, corporate, and charity clients by incorporating philanthropy within their financial strategies and make the greatest impact with their generosity, fulfilling their goals to support causes they value the most.

The truth is, you can give even more to charity—and potentially realize even more tax benefits—by giving in the right way and using the right vehicle for giving. Plus, you can have greater control over how your gifts are used by the causes you support.  It all starts with having the right strategy and the right plan.

If you would like to have a greater impact and "Give Smarter" we would love to hear about your goals and motivations for giving and helping you create a personal giving strategy for maximum impact and optimal financial wellness.